Droughtmaster Sires

Oakmore strives to breed and select our Stud Sires based on their depth of breeding, sire appeal and the ability for them to consistently deliver a uniform line of calves that boast length, depth, muscle and structural correctness with just the right amount of hump. Their calves are put through a strict selection criteria so that we at Oakmore Park know that we will be delivering market relevant progeny into the sale ring.

We are looking forward to seeing more of Oakley's progeny in the future. It has been a pleasure dealing with Sharon and Greg.

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Araketa James (P) D5 Droughtmaster Sire | Oakmore Park Droughtmasters
Araketa James (P) D5

Araketa James (P) D5

Sire Araketa Edward (P) D5

Dam Mungalla 316 (P) D5

We have had the privilege of the use of this outstanding sire, our selection criteria were based on James' correctness, style, bone, muscle, eye appeal, temperament and above all his true to type. James is what we consider to be the old-style Droughtmaster for which we excel in breeding to.

Oakmore Ramses (P) D5 Droughtmaster Sire | Oakmore Park Droughtmasters
Oakmore Ramses (P) D5

Oakmore Ramses (P) D5

Sire Oakmore Kadir (P) D5

Dam Billabong Amelia (P) D5

The family tree continues…grandson of Yeoman and son of Kadir out of Billabong Amelia, putting just the right amount of hump into this pedigree line. A polled bull, Ramses has a short tropical coat, a powerhouse sire who has low birth weight calves.

Wajatryn Galilee 1312 (P) D5 Droughtmaster Sire | Oakmore Park Droughtmasters
Wajatryn Galilee 1312 (P) D5

Wajatryn Galilee 1312 (P) D5

Sire Redskin X-Factor (D) D4

Dam Wajatryn Fair 15 (P) D5

Purchased at the DN Sale in 2013, Galilee has mainly been our first-time heifer sire and a back up sire for our AI Programs.

Sunny View Yeoman (P) D5 Droughtmaster Sire | Oakmore Park Droughtmasters
Sunny View Yeoman (P) D5

Sunny View Yeoman (P) D5

Sire Greenacres A Spencer (P) D5

Dam Sunny View Fancy 57 (P) D5

Every family tree starts from somewhere… Yeoman a polled bull arrived at Oakmore Park in his ninth year and remained here till he was 16 years old forming the nucleus of our breeding herd. With pedigree from Greenacres, Vet School and Wallace Vale. A sire who has passed on his scale, muscle depth, length, and temperament.

Oakmore Memphis (P) D5 Droughtmaster Sire | Oakmore Park Droughtmasters
Oakmore Memphis (P) D5

Oakmore Memphis (P) D5

Sire Minlacowie Karfy 5184 (P) D5

Dam Grande-Orr Granda 10th (S) D5

Son of Grande-Orr Granda 10th and Minlacowie Karfy, Memphis sold at the Bunya Bull Sale in 2014. Another easy doing led bull who was lightly used in stud giving us females to retain and bulls that went on to be sold through the stud ring. Semen was collected for in stud use, Memphis carried himself with sire appeal, length, depth, balance, correctness, and an exceptional temperament.

Oakmore Kadir (P) D5 Droughtmaster Sire | Oakmore Park Droughtmasters
Oakmore Kadir (P) D5

Oakmore Kadir (P) D5

Sire Sunny View Yeoman (P) D5

Dam Grande-Orr Fancy 14th (P) D5

Our first homebred sire who certainly has left his mark, a son of Sunny View Yeoman out of Grande-Orr Fancy 14, a full brother to retained female Oakmore Melissa. Kadir was a powerful sire who carried his 1000kg+ body around the paddock with ease, deep, long, great muscle, balance, polled and a perfect temperament which is passed down to every calf. The core of our retained heifers are daughters of Kadir. Oakmore Ramses has now been handed the baton and we look forward to presenting his progeny.

Oakmore Fury (P) D5 Droughtmaster Sire | Oakmore Park Droughtmasters
Oakmore Fury (P) D5

Oakmore Fury (P) D5

Sire Saddleview Trilogy (D) (AI) D5

Dam Merrawindi Avis (P) D5

Selling as top price bull at the 2008 Roma Tropical Breeds Sale for $16,000, Fury entered the show ring as a Junior and finished his career as Senior Champion Bull at the 2008 Murgon Feature Show. A polled, well balanced complete package whose genetics go back to Yackatoon, Marylands, Swan and Sunny View he has grandsons still selling in the sale ring.

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